New York, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carrie E  Jan 1853New York, USA I11944 Tree4rm7 
2 Eleanor  Abt 1836New York, USA I10087 Tree4rm7 
3 ABRAM, Blanche I  Sep 1888New York, USA I4804 Tree4rm7 
4 ALDEN, John Henry Jr  28 Sep 1925New York, USA I15959 Tree4rm7 
5 ALDEN, William T.  27 Jul 1937New York, USA I15960 Tree4rm7 
6 ALLEN, Charles O  Apr 1877New York, USA I17228 Tree4rm7 
7 ALLEN, Clara B  Jun 1875New York, USA I17227 Tree4rm7 
8 ALLEN, Jane  1846New York, USA I17234 Tree4rm7 
9 ALLEN, Joseph C  Mar 1885New York, USA I17229 Tree4rm7 
10 ALLISON, Frances H.  Abt 1836New York, USA I15697 Tree4rm7 
11 AMES, Alvin G  1878New York, USA I12375 Tree4rm7 
12 ANKEN, Anna Katherine  17 Mar 1906New York, USA I10971 Tree4rm7 
13 ANKEN, Rudolph  21 Dec 1898New York, USA I10974 Tree4rm7 
14 BAKER, Phoebe  14 Feb 1808New York, USA I16463 Tree4rm7 
15 BATES, Emma L.  Dec 1854New York, USA I18644 Tree4rm7 
16 BENNETT, Alice J  22 Sep 1893New York, USA I18653 Tree4rm7 
17 BENNETT, Bertha S  21 Apr 1895New York, USA I18654 Tree4rm7 
18 BENNETT, Carrie E  Mar 1883New York, USA I18783 Tree4rm7 
19 BENNETT, Cornelius Morris  20 Jan 1885New York, USA I18650 Tree4rm7 
20 BENNETT, Helen H  Dec 1891New York, USA I18652 Tree4rm7 
21 BENNETT, Mary Ell  Abt 1879New York, USA I18775 Tree4rm7 
22 BENNETT, Mary L  Jan 1880New York, USA I18648 Tree4rm7 
23 BENNETT, Walter D  Sep 1881New York, USA I18649 Tree4rm7 
24 BIERCE, John O  Abt 1908New York, USA I17844 Tree4rm7 
25 BIERCE, William L  Abt 1873New York, USA I17843 Tree4rm7 
26 BIRT, Alvay A  Abt 1868New York, USA I11869 Tree4rm7 
27 BIRT, Connie E  Abt 1864New York, USA I11868 Tree4rm7 
28 BIRT, Gerald  Feb 1876New York, USA I13916 Tree4rm7 
29 BRAMBLE, Elizabeth  1820New York, USA I16088 Tree4rm7 
30 BRAMBLE, Enos P  1812New York, USA I16086 Tree4rm7 
31 BRIGGS, Phoebe Maria  6 Dec 1824New York, USA I6873 Tree4rm7 
32 BRIGGS, Sarah  20 Jan 1773New York, USA I8807 Tree4rm7 
33 BROWN, Grace A  Abt 1879New York, USA I9250 Tree4rm7 
34 BROWNELL, Jennie Lind  26 Dec 1850New York, USA I17957 Tree4rm7 
35 BUCK, George A  Oct 1848New York, USA I19643 Tree4rm7 
36 BUCKHOUT, Olive A  31 Oct 1913New York, USA I14942 Tree4rm7 
37 BURCH, Admiral  1755New York, USA I12649 Tree4rm7 
38 BURCH, Alice M  27 Jul 1913New York, USA I4872 Tree4rm7 
39 BURCH, Alice Mae  23 Sep 1868New York, USA I13126 Tree4rm7 
40 BURCH, Alza A  14 Mar 1859New York, USA I4860 Tree4rm7 
41 BURCH, Anna  24 Jul 1874New York, USA I606 Tree4rm7 
42 BURCH, Aurelia C  6 Jan 1830New York, USA I16102 Tree4rm7 
43 BURCH, Cecelia A  26 Apr 1855New York, USA I4858 Tree4rm7 
44 BURCH, Charles E  Feb 1867New York, USA I4862 Tree4rm7 
45 BURCH, Earl Leslie  Abt 1909New York, USA I4881 Tree4rm7 
46 BURCH, Edith Mae  21 May 1915New York, USA I4879 Tree4rm7 
47 BURCH, Elvira  27 Oct 1817New York, USA I11894 Tree4rm7 
48 BURCH, Georgia Virginia  9 Jul 1921New York, USA I13552 Tree4rm7 
49 BURCH, Gordon A  26 Sep 1926New York, USA I18962 Tree4rm7 
50 BURCH, Herschel H  1 May 1904New York, USA I4871 Tree4rm7 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  1624New York, USA I13206 Tree4rm7 
2 Margaret  1889New York, USA I12203 Tree4rm7 
3 ALLEN, Joseph C  1954New York, USA I17229 Tree4rm7 
4 ALLEN, Sara Louise  1940New York, USA I19848 Tree4rm7 
5 BEHR, Hermanus  1786New York, USA I6739 Tree4rm7 
6 BROWNELL, Perez  24 Sep 1823New York, USA I12532 Tree4rm7 
7 BURCH, Alice M  20 Aug 1950New York, USA I4872 Tree4rm7 
8 BURCH, Herschel H  16 Mar 1907New York, USA I4871 Tree4rm7 
9 CARLE, Maria  10 Nov 1878New York, USA I6706 Tree4rm7 
10 CASORT, Alice Georgia  25 Aug 1958New York, USA I19063 Tree4rm7 
11 CHAPMAN, Ann  14 Apr 1905New York, USA I11086 Tree4rm7 
12 CONNELY, Rebecca  13 Apr 1868New York, USA I1100 Tree4rm7 
13 COOK, John C  New York, USA I1564 Tree4rm7 
14 DAVIS, Leon R  1968New York, USA I8860 Tree4rm7 
15 DEDERICK, Eva  31 Jul 1841New York, USA I6571 Tree4rm7 
16 DEDERICK, Sarah  BFR 1785New York, USA I6570 Tree4rm7 
17 EDSON, Mary  22 Dec 1898New York, USA I4801 Tree4rm7 
18 FASSETT, John  Apr 1816New York, USA I9771 Tree4rm7 
19 FOUNTAIN, Marion E  17 Oct 2012New York, USA I19869 Tree4rm7 
20 GARRISON, Helena  10 Jun 1801New York, USA I258 Tree4rm7 
21 GOULD, Charles  7 Feb 1923New York, USA I12199 Tree4rm7 
22 GOULD, John  Aft 1880New York, USA I12389 Tree4rm7 
23 HAKES, Willard  20 Aug 1848New York, USA I9661 Tree4rm7 
24 HATFIELD BRACE, Josephine Esther  10 Jun 1971New York, USA I19871 Tree4rm7 
25 JOHNSON, Warren Dale  15 Jul 1997New York, USA I17951 Tree4rm7 
26 JORIS, Hillegonda Hillegondt  Aft 1671New York, USA I16991 Tree4rm7 
27 JUNG, Anna Margaretha  1747New York, USA I19450 Tree4rm7 
28 JUNG, Elisabeth  Apr 1747New York, USA I19455 Tree4rm7 
29 LOCKWOOD, William  7 Apr 1838New York, USA I15821 Tree4rm7 
30 LUBBERSE, Aeltje  1685New York, USA I2045 Tree4rm7 
31 LUYSTER, Tys Pietersen  1697New York, USA I2139 Tree4rm7 
32 MANCHESTER, Jacob  1867New York, USA I10616 Tree4rm7 
33 MANCK(EN), Jacob  1716New York, USA I19447 Tree4rm7 
34 MARSH, Fidelia A "Della"  Mar 1929New York, USA I16179 Tree4rm7 
35 MARSH, George Washington  19 Nov 1956New York, USA I20018 Tree4rm7 
36 MILLER, George W  8 Mar 1891New York, USA I17239 Tree4rm7 
37 MONK, Mariah Esther  10 Feb 1892New York, USA I15940 Tree4rm7 
38 MORLEY, Azalia  16 May 1960New York, USA I12574 Tree4rm7 
39 MORRIS, Leconte  18 Jul 1943New York, USA I17066 Tree4rm7 
40 OSGOOD, David O.  20 Nov 1917New York, USA I18308 Tree4rm7 
41 OSGOOD, Lewis P  8 May 1924New York, USA I18303 Tree4rm7 
42 OSGOOD, Rebecca A  11 Sep 1912New York, USA I17966 Tree4rm7 
43 PHETTEPLACE, Clark E  19 Mar 1934New York, USA I15860 Tree4rm7 
44 PHETTEPLACE, Eddy  14 Apr 1877New York, USA I20045 Tree4rm7 
45 PHETTEPLACE, Phillip  Abt 1880New York, USA I21001 Tree4rm7 
46 PLOSS, Laura May Lora  7 Mar 1943New York, USA I10832 Tree4rm7 
47 PRINDLE, Jane  14 Feb 1894New York, USA I16075 Tree4rm7 
48 RISLEY, Alice May  4 Nov 1964New York, USA I19853 Tree4rm7 
49 ROBBINS, Alice Amanda  20 Apr 1965New York, USA I4866 Tree4rm7 
50 ROBERTS, Cyrus  3 Aug 1904New York, USA I16100 Tree4rm7 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID   Tree 
1 GOULD, Evancha Viola  New York, USA I20295 Tree4rm7 
2 MORTON, Carolyn  New York, USA I11319 Tree4rm7 
3 MUNCEY, Charlotte Joanne  New York, USA I12104 Tree4rm7 
4 PORTER, Cora Eliza  New York, USA I20160 Tree4rm7 
5 VAN VLEET, Roy Foster  New York, USA I20299 Tree4rm7 
6 VAN VLEET, Thomas Edward  New York, USA I20301 Tree4rm7 
7 WOODMAN, Lovina May  New York, USA I20290 Tree4rm7 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURCH, Arward Zebulon  New York, USA I20143 Tree4rm7 
2 BURCH, Zebulon P  6 Oct 1814New York, USA I12336 Tree4rm7 
3 FOSTER, Thomas H  6 Sep 1814New York, USA I12096 Tree4rm7 
4 WOODMAN, Sylvester  Between 1818 and 1832New York, USA I12505 Tree4rm7 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURCH, Zebulon Jr  New York, USA I12332 Tree4rm7 
2 BURT, Sarah Ann  New York, USA I12333 Tree4rm7 
3 CARY, James  New York, USA I14517 Tree4rm7 
4 STANDISH, Mary  New York, USA I14518 Tree4rm7 
5 TOWNSEND, Agnes Irene  1957–1959New York, USA I20162 Tree4rm7 
6 VAN VLEET, Christopher Walter   I21107 Tree4rm7 
7 VAN VLEET, Erastus C  1866New York, USA I20315 Tree4rm7 
8 VAN VLEET, Gilbert B  1865New York, USA I12449 Tree4rm7 
9 VAN VLEET, Jeremiah  1865New York, USA I20327 Tree4rm7 
10 WENNER, Marcia Anne   I20321 Tree4rm7 
11 WOODMAN, Sylvester  New York, USA I12505 Tree4rm7 
12 WOODMAN, Sylvester  New York, USA I12505 Tree4rm7 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BAYLES / SAUNDERS   F4243 Tree4rm7 
2 BURCH / HARRINGTON  18 Aug 1852New York, USA F2226 Tree4rm7 
3 FAGER / DALY  15 Aug 1964New York, USA F4428 Tree4rm7 
4 LE CONTE / BISHOP  20 Oct 1804New York, USA F4330 Tree4rm7 
5 LUYSTER / LUYSTER  1686New York, USA F525 Tree4rm7 
6 MARTIN / KINNE  24 Nov 1945New York, USA F2057 Tree4rm7 
7 MILLER / KINNE  9 Dec 1967New York, USA F4072 Tree4rm7 
8 POST / INGERSOLL  1843New York, USA F4042 Tree4rm7 
9 SCUDDER / WOOD  1685New York, USA F1242 Tree4rm7 
10 VAN VLEET / SMITH  1900New York, USA F4499 Tree4rm7 
11 WOODMAN / ELSWORTH  6 Sep 1821New York, USA F2383 Tree4rm7 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 SCHAMP / LOCK  New York, USA F4485 Tree4rm7 
2 VAN VOORHEES / SEUBERING  New York, USA F526 Tree4rm7