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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Betsey  1843New York I563 VanVleet-Wenner 
2 Betsey  1843New York I6961 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
3 Carrie E.  Jan 1853New York I1292 VanVleet-Wenner 
4 Carrie E.  Jan 1853New York I6956 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
5 Sarah  Mar 1852New York I7465 VanVleet-Wenner 
6 Sarah  Mar 1852New York I7109 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
7 ABRAM, Alice M  1880New York I4882 VanVleet-Wenner 
8 ABRAM, Alice M  1880New York I7230 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
9 ABRAM, Emmett D  1884New York I4885 VanVleet-Wenner 
10 ABRAM, Emmett D  1884New York I7231 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
11 ABRAM, Floyd M  1892New York I4880 VanVleet-Wenner 
12 ABRAM, Floyd M  1892New York I7234 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
13 ABRAM, Inez N  1891New York I4879 VanVleet-Wenner 
14 ABRAM, Inez N  1891New York I7233 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
15 AMES, Alvin G  1878New York I2701 VanVleet-Wenner 
16 AMES, Alvin G  1878New York I1580 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
17 ATKINS, Clyde Theodore  23 Aug 1901New York I11861 VanVleet-Wenner 
18 ATKINS, Clyde Theodore  23 Aug 1901New York I7726 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
19 ATKINS, Esther E  Abt 1887New York I8407 VanVleet-Wenner 
20 ATKINS, Esther E  Abt 1887New York I7717 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
21 ATKINS, Guy C C  Abt 1900New York I11864 VanVleet-Wenner 
22 ATKINS, Guy C C  Abt 1900New York I7729 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
23 ATKINS, Hazel N M  Abt 1896New York I11862 VanVleet-Wenner 
24 ATKINS, Hazel N M  Abt 1896New York I7727 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
25 ATKINS, John A  Abt 1908New York I7731 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
26 ATKINS, Liela  Abt 1910New York I7719 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
27 ATKINS, N Veronica  Abt 1904New York I11865 VanVleet-Wenner 
28 ATKINS, N Veronica  Abt 1904New York I7730 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
29 ATKINS, O Madeline  Abt 1898New York I569 VanVleet-Wenner 
30 ATKINS, O Madeline  Abt 1898New York I7728 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
31 ATKINS, Ray  21 Jun 1877New York I7015 VanVleet-Wenner 
32 ATKINS, Ray  21 Jun 1877New York I7594 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
33 ATKINS, Ward P  Abt 1908New York I7718 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
34 ATWATER, Junie Louisa  17 Mar 1870New York I14616 VanVleet-Wenner 
35 ATWATER, Junie Louisa  17 Mar 1870New York I14182 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
36 BARTLETT, Cromwell  Abt 1828New York I12297 VanVleet-Wenner 
37 BARTLETT, Cromwell  Abt 1828New York I12126 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
38 BATES, Benjamin W.  Abt 1815New York I2832 VanVleet-Wenner 
39 BATES, Benjamin W.  Abt 1815New York I6470 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
40 BEACH, Anna  1805New York I10148 VanVleet-Wenner 
41 BEACH, Anna  1805New York I6442 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
42 BENJAMIN, Addison  Apr 1872New York I13439 VanVleet-Wenner 
43 BENJAMIN, Addison  Apr 1872New York I13406 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
44 BIRT, Alvay A.  Abt 1868New York I409 VanVleet-Wenner 
45 BIRT, Alvay A.  Abt 1868New York I7890 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
46 BIRT, Connie E.  Abt 1864New York I410 VanVleet-Wenner 
47 BIRT, Connie E.  Abt 1864New York I7889 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
48 BIRT, Gerald  Feb 1876New York I1289 VanVleet-Wenner 
49 BIRT, Gerald  Feb 1876New York I6959 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
50 BIXBY, Lydia A  1841New York I9662 VanVleet-Wenner 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOWEN, Lillias  2 Apr 1861New York I16229 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
2 BURCH, Charles E  05 Apr 1930New York I1328 VanVleet-Wenner 
3 BURCH, Charles E  5 Apr 1930New York I7297 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
4 BUTTON, George E  29 Sep 1924New York I1217 VanVleet-Wenner 
5 BUTTON, George E  29 Sep 1924New York I11562 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
6 CUMMINGS, Nat S  1904New York I14255 VanVleet-Wenner 
7 CUMMINGS, Nat S  1904New York I14558 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
8 HALL, Lena Laurie  1957New York I4718 VanVleet-Wenner 
9 HALL, Lena Laurie  1957New York I8821 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
10 PHETTEPLACE, Samuel Daniel  New York I3427 VanVleet-Wenner 
11 PHETTEPLACE, Samuel Daniel  New York I4731 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
12 PIERCE, Permelia Andrus  25 Jun 1890New York I9524 VanVleet-Wenner 
13 PIERCE, Permelia Andrus  25 Jun 1890New York I6359 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
14 WHITCOMB, Alanson Fairbanks "Alonzo"  10 Oct 1835New York I725 VanVleet-Wenner 
15 WHITCOMB, Alanson Fairbanks "Alonzo"  10 Oct 1835New York I6469 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
16 WORDEN, Isaac J  09 Feb 1870New York I4132 VanVleet-Wenner 
17 WORDEN, Isaac J  9 Feb 1870New York I7011 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DAVIS / CRUMB  04 Jul 1844New York F2787 VanVleet-Wenner 
2 DAVIS / CRUMB  4 Jul 1844New York F2734 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
3 QUAINTANCE / SCUDDER  Abt 1899New York F1979 VanVleet-Wenner 
4 QUAINTANCE / SCUDDER  Abt 1899New York F2139 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test