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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUMP, Louvisa  15 Jul 1822Connecticut, USA I12291 VanVleet-Wenner 
2 BUMP, Louvisa  15 Jul 1822Connecticut, USA I12301 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
3 DARLING, Clara Winifred  Abt 1895Connecticut, USA I16104 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
4 DENISON, Mary A  Abt 1873Connecticut, USA I15138 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
5 EDWARDS, Charles G.  Aug 1885Connecticut, USA I13284 VanVleet-Wenner 
6 EDWARDS, Charles G.  Aug 1885Connecticut, USA I12794 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
7 GEER, George Tisdale  05 Sep 1822Connecticut, USA I13238 VanVleet-Wenner 
8 GEER, George Tisdale  5 Sep 1822Connecticut, USA I12774 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
9 GEER, Ira  Jan 1832Connecticut, USA I13243 VanVleet-Wenner 
10 GEER, Ira  Jan 1832Connecticut, USA I12779 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
11 GEER, Mary Elizabeth  06 Apr 1823Connecticut, USA I13237 VanVleet-Wenner 
12 GEER, Mary Elizabeth  6 Apr 1823Connecticut, USA I12775 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
13 GRACE, Lillian G  14 Oct 1916Connecticut, USA I14906 VanVleet-Wenner 
14 GRACE, Lillian G  14 Oct 1916Connecticut, USA I15430 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
15 GUIDEN, Leo Edward  Abt 1903Connecticut, USA I7653 VanVleet-Wenner 
16 GUIDEN, Margaret  Nov 1889Connecticut, USA I14914 VanVleet-Wenner 
17 GUIDEN, Margaret  Nov 1889Connecticut, USA I15231 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
18 GUIDEN, Mary "Minnie"  Mar 1884Connecticut, USA I14915 VanVleet-Wenner 
19 GUIDEN, Mary "Minnie"  Mar 1884Connecticut, USA I15447 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
20 GUIDEN, Rober  Abt 1930Connecticut, USA I14916 VanVleet-Wenner 
21 GUIDEN, Rober  Abt 1930Connecticut, USA I15450 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
22 HEFFERNAN, Bridget  Abt 1869Connecticut, USA I14925 VanVleet-Wenner 
23 HEFFERNAN, Bridget  Abt 1869Connecticut, USA I15300 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
24 HEFFERNAN, James B  Feb 1875Connecticut, USA I15366 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
25 HEFFERNAN, James V  Feb 1875Connecticut, USA I14930 VanVleet-Wenner 
26 HEFFERNAN, John L  1879Connecticut, USA I14931 VanVleet-Wenner 
27 HEFFERNAN, John L  1879Connecticut, USA I15295 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
28 HEFFERNAN, Mary Ann  Abt 1876Connecticut, USA I14932 VanVleet-Wenner 
29 HEFFERNAN, Mary Ann  Abt 1876Connecticut, USA I15301 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
30 HEFFERNAN, Michael F  1872Connecticut, USA I14933 VanVleet-Wenner 
31 HEFFERNAN, Michael F  1872Connecticut, USA I15297 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
32 HEFFERNAN, William Francis  1867Connecticut, USA I14935 VanVleet-Wenner 
33 HEFFERNAN, William Francis  1867Connecticut, USA I15296 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
34 KENNEY, Anne  08 Sep 1928Connecticut, USA I3076 VanVleet-Wenner 
35 KENNEY, John  Abt 1870Connecticut, USA I14990 VanVleet-Wenner 
36 KENNEY, John J  Jan 1893Connecticut, USA I14991 VanVleet-Wenner 
37 KENNEY, Margaret  Abt 1879Connecticut, USA I14994 VanVleet-Wenner 
38 KENNEY, Marguerete  Abt 1905Connecticut, USA I151 VanVleet-Wenner 
39 KENNEY, Marguerite H (Tootie)  Abt 1905Connecticut, USA I3116 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
40 KENNEY, Mary  Abt 1876Connecticut, USA I14999 VanVleet-Wenner 
41 KENNEY, Mary W  Aug 1896Connecticut, USA I15001 VanVleet-Wenner 
42 KENNEY, Mary W  Aug 1896Connecticut, USA I15485 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
43 KENNEY, Maureen Ellen  09 Jun 1939Connecticut, USA I5257 VanVleet-Wenner 
44 KENNEY, Thomas A  Feb 1875Connecticut, USA I15003 VanVleet-Wenner 
45 KENNEY, Thomas A  Feb 1875Connecticut, USA I15484 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
46 KENNEY, Thomas A  Abt 1877Connecticut, USA I5569 VanVleet-Wenner 
47 KINNEY, Nellie E  Nov 1882Connecticut, USA I15019 VanVleet-Wenner 
48 LOCKWOOD, Thaddeus  2 Nov 1799Connecticut, USA I16086 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
49 MARSH, Grace  1 Apr 1923Connecticut, USA I16110 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
50 MARSH, John MacAllister  Abt 1924Connecticut, USA I16064 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (MCENROE), Margaret  16 Nov 1859Connecticut, USA I14722 VanVleet-Wenner 
2 EMMETT, Catherine  1894Connecticut, USA I15968 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
3 FINN, Mary  6 Dec 1893Connecticut, USA I15289 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
4 FITZPATRICK, Ann  1907Connecticut, USA I14880 VanVleet-Wenner 
5 FITZPATRICK, Ann  1907Connecticut, USA I15294 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
6 GUIDEN, Thomas T Francis  1888Connecticut, USA I14918 VanVleet-Wenner 
7 GUIDEN, Thomas T Francis  1888Connecticut, USA I15232 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
8 HAZE, Joanna  24 Dec 1828Connecticut, USA I666 VanVleet-Wenner 
9 HAZE, Joanna  24 Dec 1828Connecticut, USA I2963 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
10 HEFFERNAN, James H.  1916Connecticut, USA I14929 VanVleet-Wenner 
11 HEFFERNAN, James H.  1916Connecticut, USA I15293 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
12 KENNEY, Mary  25 Oct 1882Connecticut, USA I15479 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
13 MC ENRUE, Catharine  4 Jul 1881Connecticut, USA I15642 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
14 MCENROE, Catherine  04 Jul 1881Connecticut, USA I15089 VanVleet-Wenner 
15 MCENROE, Peter  25 Jun 1894Connecticut, USA I15649 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
16 NORTON STACEY, Mary Ellen  10 Oct 2013Connecticut, USA I15127 VanVleet-Wenner 
17 PENTALOW, Christopher  26 Nov 1893Connecticut, USA I15149 VanVleet-Wenner 
18 PENTALOW, Christopher  26 Nov 1893Connecticut, USA I15641 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
19 PENTALOW, Thomas H  08 Apr 1856Connecticut, USA I15163 VanVleet-Wenner 
20 PENTALOW, Thomas H  8 Apr 1856Connecticut, USA I15644 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
21 PENTALOW, William  10 Dec 1913Connecticut, USA I15164 VanVleet-Wenner 
22 PENTALOW, William  10 Dec 1913Connecticut, USA I15645 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
23 PRICE, Sarah  1772Connecticut, USA I1890 VanVleet-Wenner 
24 PRICE, Sarah  1772Connecticut, USA I7936 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
25 ROWLEY, Roger  11 Feb 1822Connecticut, USA I4488 VanVleet-Wenner 
26 ROWLEY, Roger  11 Feb 1822Connecticut, USA I2983 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
27 SANFORD, Bathsheba  04 Jun 1754Connecticut, USA I11086 VanVleet-Wenner 
28 SANFORD, Bathsheba  4 Jun 1754Connecticut, USA I2355 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
29 SANFORD, Joseph  1778Connecticut, USA I7833 VanVleet-Wenner 
30 SANFORD, Joseph  1778Connecticut, USA I11577 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
31 SMITH, Rose A  1893Connecticut, USA I15350 VanVleet-Wenner 
32 YOUNG, Charles H.  24 Aug 1943Connecticut, USA I13114 VanVleet-Wenner 
33 YOUNG, Charles H.  24 Aug 1943Connecticut, USA I12787 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 PENTALOW, Harry W  Connecticut, USA I15154 VanVleet-Wenner 
2 PENTALOW, Harry W  Connecticut, USA I15691 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
3 PENTALOW, William  Connecticut, USA I15164 VanVleet-Wenner 
4 PENTALOW, William  Connecticut, USA I15645 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
5 SUSCO, Michael J  Connecticut, USA I15363 VanVleet-Wenner 
6 SUSCO, Michael J  Connecticut, USA I14835 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
7 TEMPLE, Harold George  Connecticut, USA I11805 VanVleet-Wenner 
8 TEMPLE, Harold George  Connecticut, USA I7547 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 
9 WELCH, James William  Connecticut, USA I15420 VanVleet-Wenner 
10 WELCH, James William  Connecticut, USA I15813 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FULLER / ARNOLD  7 Mar 1747/8Connecticut, USA F529 VanVleet-Wenner-rm-test