New York, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Belle Lucy  Jan 1857New York, USA I6437
2 Eleanor  Abt 1836New York, USA I14307
3 ABRAM, Blanche I  Sep 1888New York, USA I4886
4 ANKEN, Anna  17 Mar 1906New York, USA I14733
5 ANKEN, Frieda Margaretha  18 Jun 1902New York, USA I14735
6 ANKEN, Oscar William  26 Dec 1903New York, USA I14736
7 ANKEN, Rudolph  21 Dec 1898New York, USA I14737
8 BRIGGS, Phoebe Maria  06 Dec 1824New York, USA I8419
9 BROWN, Grace A  Abt 1879New York, USA I12847
10 BUCKHOUT, Olive A  31 Oct 1913New York, USA I12854
11 BURCH, Admiral  1755New York, USA I10852
12 BURCH, Alice M  27 Jul 1913New York, USA I7467
13 BURCH, Anna  24 Jul 1874New York, USA I5664
14 BURCH, Charles E  Feb 1867New York, USA I1328
15 BURCH, Earl Leslie  Abt 1909New York, USA I7172
16 BURCH, Edith Mae  21 May 1915New York, USA I7167
17 BURCH, Herschel H  01 May 1904New York, USA I6204
18 BURCH, Increase  1772New York, USA I10855
19 BURCH, Ira T  24 May 1800New York, USA I9520
20 BURCH, Karl Alfred  29 May 1889New York, USA I6208
21 BURCH, Kenneth  03 Dec 1906New York, USA I6205
22 BURCH, Leyman Karl  04 Aug 1911New York, USA I7173
23 BURHANS, Anna Eliza  01 Sep 1809New York, USA I12084
24 BURHANS, Harmon  Jul 1806New York, USA I958
25 BURHANS, John Carle  27 Oct 1799New York, USA I8013
26 BURHANS, Sara  04 Dec 1797New York, USA I8014
27 BURHANS, William Dieterik  27 Jan 1787New York, USA I8009
28 CARLE, Harriet  1834New York, USA I9975
29 CASORT, Sybil  1839New York, USA I2409
30 CHURCHILL, Rinda May  15 Sep 1861New York, USA I14805
31 CLARK, Samuel  1673New York, USA I9779
32 CONCANNON, Alice Elizabeth  14 Dec 1903New York, USA I14816
33 CONLEY, Almira  1809New York, USA I2461
34 CONNELLY, Frank Harold  18 Jul 1902New York, USA I1086
35 CONNELLY, Herbert Lee  28 Feb 1885New York, USA I3292
36 CONNELY, Miul  1810New York, USA I2460
37 COSART (CASORT), Peter  21 Oct 1808New York, USA I8630
38 DEDERICK, Anna Margretha  1725New York, USA I5496
39 FOSTER, Emiline  16 Apr 1827New York, USA I8565
40 FOSTER, John  29 Sep 1804New York, USA I3142
41 FOSTER, Robert H  31 Dec 1808New York, USA I3145
42 FOSTER, Stephen H  24 Jul 1806New York, USA I3148
43 FOUNTAIN, John Horton Jr  06 Aug 1924New York, USA I14580
44 FULLER, Fanney Maria  1814New York, USA I4188
45 GARRISON, Helena  12 Mar 1757New York, USA I2545
46 GILLETT, Elva M.  Jan 1879New York, USA I13167
47 GOULD, Charles A  1842New York, USA I2662
48 GOULD, Jennie M  1894New York, USA I1788
49 GOULD, John  Abt 1816New York, USA I2408
50 GOULD, Lucy  Abt 1818New York, USA I8725

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1624New York, USA I6777
2 ABRHAM, William Edgar  1926New York, USA I10753
3 BEHR, Hermanus  1786New York, USA I6702
4 BRADLEY-HATFIELD, Josephine  10 Jun 1971New York, USA I14483
5 BROWNELL, Perez  24 Sep 1823New York, USA I2013
6 BURCH, Alice M  20 Aug 1950New York, USA I7467
7 BURCH, Herschel H  16 Mar 1907New York, USA I6204
8 BURCH, Robert Increase  12 Oct 1779New York, USA I126
9 CARLE, Maria  10 Nov 1878New York, USA I11554
10 CHAPMAN, Ann  14 Apr 1905New York, USA I14804
11 CONNELY, Rebecca  13 Apr 1868New York, USA I3699
12 COOK, John C  New York, USA I2102
13 DAVIS, Leon R  1968New York, USA I12375
14 DEDERICK, Eva  31 Jul 1841New York, USA I7902
15 DEDERICK, Sarah  BFR 1785New York, USA I432
16 EDSON, Mary  22 Dec 1898New York, USA I4881
17 FASSETT, John  Apr 1816New York, USA I13607
18 FOUNTAIN, Marion E  17 Oct 2012New York, USA I13984
19 GARRISON, Helena  10 Jun 1801New York, USA I2545
20 GOULD, Charles A  New York, USA I2662
21 HAKES, Willard  20 Aug 1848New York, USA I13196
22 LUBBERSE, Aeltje  1685New York, USA I3756
23 LUYSTER, Tys Pietersen  1697New York, USA I2074
24 MARSH, George Washington  New York, USA I654
25 PHEARANT YEARTON, Margaret  1889New York, USA I5642
26 RISLEY, Alice May  04 Nov 1964New York, USA I14037
27 ROBBINS, Alice Amanda  20 Apr 1965New York, USA I6209
28 THURSTON, John  1790New York, USA I10817
29 VIGNE, Jan  21 Dec 1689New York, USA I12036
30 WENNER, Casper  1874New York, USA I3058
31 WILBUR, Anna  1813New York, USA I12372
32 WILCOX, Whitman Jr  04 Aug 1845New York, USA I2944
33 WINSOR, Selanah  28 Mar 1848New York, USA I807
34 WYCKOFF, Mary  26 May 1797New York, USA I8417


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CONNELLY / GOULD  21 Jan 1928New York, USA F1020
2 LUYSTER / LUYSTER  1686New York, USA F1813
3 MARTIN / KINNE  24 Nov 1945New York, USA F3428
4 SCHAMP / COCK  14 May 1750New York, USA F1520
5 SCUDDER / WOOD  1685New York, USA F1982
6 WOODMAN / ELSWORTH  06 Sep 1821New York, USA F969